Recipes for California’s Greatest Delicacies

Throughout America, the population is quickly growing in size. While there are many reasons for this growth, the truth is the food is just too delicious to pass up and much of the blame lies with the state of California. The cuisine of California offers a variety of different foods, including sandwiches, burgers, barbecue and even pizza. While many of these dishes are overwhelmingly tasteful, they’re also healthy, since they are often made with organic ingredients. Many of the foods are linked to the state’s other famous trait, the enormous car culture. Although some of these foods are famous, because of their associated chefs, some can be made perfectly in your very own home. Below, you will find my favorite recipes for some of California’s best delicacies.

California Pizza

When I was a youngster, I would always stuff myself on mom’s homemade pizza. Regardless of how much I ate, I never felt overly bloated, which is a common problem, with frozen and delivery pizzas. Homemade California pizzas are delicious and cheap, as they can be made for $4 to $6. For this amount of cash, I can make one extra large pizza. You’re going to need to make the dough first, which requires water, yeast, honey, olive oil, salt and all-purpose flour.

Of course, it is the toppings, which gives the pizza its California style. For that, I use Mozzarella cheese, tomato, onion, mushrooms, black olives and deli ham. Don’t forget to cook up a delicious sauce. Typically, I do this, with marinara, garlic clove and oregano. Follow my recipe and you’ll receive a healthy pizza, which can be enjoyed for a few days.

The Famous Chinese Chicken Salad

If there is one thing true about the residents of The Golden State it is that they love to eat healthy. I’ve always tried to keep myself in shape and don’t necessarily want to lose it eating fatty foods, no matter how much I love them. This is why I enjoy eating a famous California dish, the Chinese chicken salad, which is healthy, but delicious, not to mention easy enough to prepare. Overall the ingredients are fairly minimal. I like to use chicken, chicken noodles, sesame oil, ginger and lettuce. When ordered in a Californian restaurant, a number of small wonton skins will be added. Although I definitely avoid this, you may wish to add them to yours.

California RollCalifornia Sushi Rolls

California is known for having a very diverse culture, which obviously shows, when it comes to their wise range of cuisine. If you’ve got the time and are craving some sushi, you may want to try out some of the state’s most tasty sushi rolls. When it comes down to it, this recipe takes me approximately two hours to cook, with a forty-five minutes preparation time. I generally make the rice first, by using short grain rice, with a small amount of sugar and rice vinegar. On the other hand, you’ll need some picked ginger, a cucumber, sesame seeds, nori sheets, an avocado, and a small amount of lemon juice. Once the preparations are complete, I normally cook the sushi rolls for twenty minutes, before I enjoy my creation.


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