Some of the Most Tasty Down Home Southern Cooking Recipes

The United States is known for some of the world’s most unique, delicious cuisine. Although the northern states are capable of delivering some tasty foods, the southern states are arguably the best for satisfying your taste buds. If you really want some good down home cooking, you’ll cross the Mason-Dixon line and head for Louisiana or Mississippi. Although southerners tend to be a few years behind in some aspects, their cuisine has actually helped to shape the other cuisine of the country. These foods might not be the most health, but they’ll sure make your mouth water. Below, you will discover some of the most popular recipes from good old Dixie.

231630-biscuits-0Oklahoma’s Biscuits and Gravy

If you’ve ever been to Oklahoma, I truly hope you had the opportunity to fill your belly with some tasty biscuits and gravy. Don’t worry, if you haven’t. You can always use my recipe to get your fill of biscuits covered in hot gravy. I usually start, by making some good Southern biscuits. First, I collect my supplies, which will be listed below.

Three Cups Milk

Pre-Made Buttermilk Biscuit Mix

Three Tablespoons Flour

Two Tablespoons Butter

Six Pork Sausage Patties (Optional)

Possible Condiments

Once I’ve mixed up my biscuits and have them in the oven, I’ll flip on the stove and fry the sausage. Of course, this is optional, but gravy with sausage is much better and truly southern. After this has finished, I’ll toss out the sausage and reuse the pan, without washing. Instead, I’ll throw approximately three tablespoons of flour in and start to whisk. From time to time, I am forced to add butter. After my gravy begins to turn brown, I’ll pour in a small amount of milk. It is crucial to stay focus on the stove during this entire period, as the gravy will burn very quickly. Once you’re done, you can pull out the biscuits, throw on the gravy and enjoy!

Ham the Country Way

The south sure ain’t the south, without some good old country ham. This is why I like to slow fry my ham. This specific recipe will provide you with the best taste, which perfectly reflects the southern cuisine. When I start, I normally cut the pieces of ham to approximately ¼ inch thick. Then, I’ll kick on the stove and allow the skillet to preheat. Next, it is time to throw in the ham. Always be sure to cover the skillet, with a lid, as this will help to smoke it. I normally cook it for ten minutes, before it is finished and ready to eat!


If you truly want to taste a bit of southern cuisine, you’ll try some good old-fashioned Kentucky Burgoo, which can be made with opossum, raccoon, pork or chicken. Ok, it is best to add a combination of vegetables to the mixture. It is best with onions, carrots, lima beans and celery. Chop up your meet really good and mix everything together in a cooker. Afterwards, I’ll throw in some Worcestershire sauce and let it cook, while my mouth begins to water.


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