Nacho Recipes – I Love Them

As anyone who knows me, they know I LOVE NACHOS! The time I’ve spent in the southwest United States when I was doing my 5k desert run trainings, got me very familiar with tex mex food. The real way to do nachos right is to you use a Salamander. NOT A SALAMANDER the animal, but a Salamander Broiler.

This is the best way to melt all the goodies into the nacho pile the best possible way.

So as I do on my weekends I tend to search Pinterest for some of the best recipes. Here they are.

I’m pretty jacked up to be trying out these loaded nachos. They are vegetarian and look amazing with the green chilis. However, I will be adding Cilantro to my nachos. I know there are two camps regarding Cilantro. Some people really hate it, and some love it. I love it.


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